Helping you raise happy, healthy and curious children

Caring, intimate and personalized tools to help overcome everyday life anxieties and challenges.

Personalized books to help your child

BubblesU stories are written especially for your child about the topics that matter most. 

BubblesU App helps your child explore, learn, play and grow

Immerse your child in a world of wonder filled with videos, songs and personalized stories.

Fun activities to bring your family closer

BubblesU has activities and helpful information to support your child with everyday challenges.

Why BubblesU?

BubblesU is inspired by The Learning Experience: developed by leading educators, professionals and entertainers. We believe in helping your child to learn, play, and grow.

Personalized Books

Entertain and help your child cope with normal, everyday challenges like making friends, dealing with fears or respecting others.

Digital Books and App

Use our digital personalized books in our BubblesU Storytime app to support your child's emotional and social development.

Website Resources

Use our supportive resource center to access articles and activities on the parenting topics that matter to you.

Design and purchase books about topics that matter

Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully entertaining personalized books starring your child! Lifetime lessons start here.

Explore the world of BubblesU

Our app entertains and educates your child.
Explore and discover animated BubblesU characters, videos, songs and digital books through their very own personalized avatar.


Our printable activities include recipes, craft ideas, coloring, puzzles, and games to play with your child.

Games in the dark

Help your child face their fear of the dark with these fun game ideas.

Printable games

Need a moment to breathe while keeping your child engaged and entertained? You're welcome.

Fun recipes

What's cooking? Whip up some of Bubbles & friends' favorite recipes.

Helping your child

BubblesU offers help with common parenting topics to help you support your child in their early years.

Bedtime Struggles

Advice on how to deal with sleep struggles, bedtime routines and nighttime fears.

Making Friends

Find out how to help your child get along with others and be a good friend.

Respecting Others

Teaching your child about differences and what makes everyone unique and special

What parents say

We LOVE BubblesU! Our book was excellent quality, and we will defintitely be buying from you again.

Jane Dorson

The app is amazing! Our 3-year-old loves the songs on the app especially "The Solution Song!"

Matt Schmidt

New York
I have found the parenting advice on your website to be very informative, especially in helping our daughter overcome shyness. Thank you.

Peter Fellman

San Francisco

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