Making new Friends

BubblesU can help you teach your child to be a good friend to others.

Making friends is a lifelong skill and it's never too early to start helping your child be a good friend.

Our child development experts at BubblesU have informationactivities and even a personalized book coming early 2019 to help you help your child.

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Information and guidance

Raising Kind Children

Top tips to help your child treat others with kindness

Help friendships flourish

What you can do to help support your child make and keep friends.

Helping your shy child

How to support your child if they are not naturally outgoing.

Teaching your child to share

Top tips for encouraging your child to share.

Friendship game

Help your child learn how to be a good friend to others using our printable pairs game.

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Products to help you

These products may help your child have a good, restful sleep, and keep those monsters away!

BubblesU nightlight


A comfort at night, the blue light helps reassure your child as they fall asleep and stays on all night.


Bubbles the worry elephant


Tell Bubbles your worries before you go to bed, and let him get rid of them for you before morning. A lovely way for your child to clear their mind before going to sleep.


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